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Short Season Garden Tips, Issue #005 --Don't let your weeds go to seed!
July 23, 2021

Welcome to Short Season Garden Tips, for late July 2021.

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Don't let weeds go to seed!

Welcome to Short Season Garden Tips, for late July 2021.

So far summer has been good in this corner of zone 3. Our gardens have avoided the drought of last summer and have basked in lots of hot sunny weather while avoiding the continuous blistering heat that so many areas are suffering through.

Now is the time when maximum growth occurs here in zone 3, so stay the course with watering and fertilizing. As you get busy with the early harvest, it is easy to neglect the weeds.

If you’ve kept weeds in check until now, you will probably have a good harvest this year if you don’t pull another weed, but now is the time to think about next year’s weeds. Remember that one flower can have hundreds of seeds so NEVER LET YOUR WEEDS GO TO SEED.

In zone 3 we typically don’t have a lot of trouble with the early blight that plagues hot climates, but late blight is a distinct possibility so be vigilant. Keep tomato plants mulched and bottom leaves pruned. Water in the morning to allowing drying during the day and try to keep water off the plant leaves. Never touch tomato plants or bean plants when they are wet.

August is harvest month for your heat loving crops in zone 3 since September brings killer frosts. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Happy gardening,


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